LACV offers courses for undergraduate courses through the Department of Physiological Sciences (CFS).

Graduation Disciplines:

  • Animal Anatomy (123820) - compulsory subject of the Biological Sciences course;
  • Animal Anatomy 2 (125466) - optional subject;

Postgraduate subjects:

  • Zoology Topics: Geometric Morphometry;
  • Zoology Topics: Comparative Phylogenetic Methods;





The LACV provides collections of vertebrate anatomy and physiology photographs and videos for open access and may be used without restriction for teaching purposes, commercial use being prohibited. These features are part of the "Vertebrate Comparative Anatomy Photographic Atlas" extension project involving the production of a vertebrate comparative anatomy atlas based on photographic images obtained by the fresh microdissection technique described in 2007. Selected from the photographic collection of the LACV - UnB, the images reveal morphological and functional characteristics of vertebrates in a comparative approach. The work aims to attend the teaching of anatomy, with biological material that largely reflects the native fauna. The work also promotes the use of biological material for the conservation and reduction of the use of animals in didactic activities.