The Laboratory of Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates (LACV) is linked to the Department of Physiological Sciences of the Institute of Biological Sciences* of the University of Brasília.

The LACV was created in 2004 by Prof. Dr. Antonio Sebben focused on the production of teaching materials in the form of Educational Objects, Atlas and collections of photographs and videos of anatomy and physiology of Vertebrates. Having already been a former master's student of Prof. Sebben, Msc Patrícia Wanderley, became part of the team as a technical servant of Biologist position in 2013.


In 2016 Prof. Dr. Julia Klaczko joined the team, strengthening the lines of research in comparative morphology, macroevolution and ontogeny of vertebrates. Julia studies the patterns and processes of anatomical diversification in vertebrates, with special attention to variation in shape, and evolution of the genitalia in squamata.


Shortly after in 2019, after the retirement of Prof. Sebben, Prof. Dr. Angele Martins took his place at LACV. Angele is interested in the morphological evolution of reptiles, with a special interest on threadsnakes and blindsnakes. Morphological studies focus on several morphofunctional complexes such as myology, osteology, cephalic gland anatomy, genitalia and viscera. Other areas of interest: Systematics and Herpetology.


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